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Listed below are the collaborating lab groups, with associated links, and a brief summary of the collaborative work.

  1. Schlosser lab, MIT
    • Simulating Extreme Weather & Climate using Global Climate Models, Regional Scale Models (WRF), and Land Surface Models such as UCD-ACASA

      • including linking UCD-ACASA to biogeochemical models such as TEM, for selected regions in the US

  2. Spano lab, University of Sassari, Italy
    • Using the Surface Renewal Method to estimate evapotranspiration

    • Simulating the regional climate and weather of the European continent using WRF-ACASA

    • Simulating the fluxes of energy, carbon dioxide, and water from urban areas using ACASA, for Florence, Italy and Helsinki, Finland

    • Developing Wildfire risk indices based on fuel moisture and weather variables

  3. Kleissl lab, UCSD
    • Large Eddy Simulation of air flow within and above Urban Canyons using PALM; linked to detailed building energy budget model TUF-IOBES

  4. Horwarth Lab, UCDavis
    • Advective Mass Balance profile measurements of compost emissions of CO2, N2O, CH4

    • Chamber measurements of biofilter emissions of CO2, N2O, CH4 and filter efficiency

  5. Ustin lab/CSTARS, UCDavis
    • Using ACASA to simulate evapotranspiration from selected California agricultural regions; linking ACASA to remotely sensed data sets

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