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(as P.I. or co-P.I.; cumulative more than $8.5 million) from:

  • National Science Foundation (NSF):

    Turbulent structure of canopy flows using large-eddy simulation. $290,406

    Large-eddy simulation of canopy and surface layer flow. $268,033

    Large-eddy simulation of turbulent atmospheric flow within and above a forest. $223,210

    (subcontract from MIT) TYPE 2: The Future of Ecosystems and Extremes: Using Diverse Environmental Data Sets in Support of Regional to Global Earth-Systems Models and Predictions. $1,008,965.00

  • National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA):

    Center of Excellence for Climate, Environment and Water Resource Assessments in California. $394,351

    NASA (for Space Shuttle Endeavour Science Team) Turbulent exchange at vegetated surfaces and evaluations of estimates of canopy structure using SIR-C data. $661,000

  • US Department Energy (DOE):

    Interactive effects of elevated CO2, drought, and high temperature on plant water use efficiency. $175,195

  • US DOE, National Institutes for Global Environmental Change (DOE,NIGEC):

    Monitoring Sensible Heats, CO2, and H2O at the Wind River Canopy Crane Site USDOE/WESTGEC/NIGEC. $234,541

    Monitoring forest atmosphere exchange of CO2 and H2O at the Wind River canopy crane site in a Douglas fir forest. $309,567

    Micrometeorological studies and long-term carbon and energy exchange at the Wind River Crane Research Facility. $379,293

    Regional scale modeling and turbulence measurements of long-term carbon and energy exchange. $280,000

  • U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Regional Research:

    National Atmospheric Deposition Program. $42,100

  • USDA Forest Service:

    Monitoring Forest Microclimate and Forest-atmosphere Exchange of CO2 and H2O at the Wind River Canopy Crane Site in a Douglas-fir Forest USDA Forest Service. $19,000

  • California Air Resources Board:

    San Joaquin Valleywide air pollution study - CCOS turbulent measurements in Davis. $7,700

  • Australian Research Council:

    Patterns and processes of water and energy cycles across northern Australian landscapes: from point to region. $660,000 AUD


    The influence of flood regimes, vegetative and geomorphic structures on the links between aquatic and terrestrial systems. $274,883

  • Kearney Foundation:

    Predicting soil C storage in the Central Valley following the implementation of minimum tillage. $223,952

    Simultaneous oxygen and carbon dioxide measurements to improve soil efflux estimates. $40,000

    Pressure pumping effects on soil efflux measurements of CO2. $70,000

  • Institute for Womenís Leadership, Rutgers (from the Ford Foundation),

    Challenges to gender and ethnic equity: Activities of faculty at the University of California in the post Proposition 209 era. $12,000

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