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Research Projects

I. Numerical Modeling

  • Numerical modeling of terrestrial and ocean surfaces using higher-order closure turbulence equations linked with radiation, energy budget, and plant physiology models

  • Advanced Canopy-Atmosphere-Soil Algorithm (ACASA), created at UCDavis

    • Linkage to regional and global scale models

  • Application to

    1. California, Coast to Mountains NSF project through Engineering

    2. European & Canadian urban atmosphere interactions (Florence, London, Helsinki)— ”BRIDGE” project of the European Union; Germany—Drs. Spano, Marras, U. Sassari, Italy

    3. NSF Ecosystems with MIT & Lehigh -- Dr. Adam Schlosser

  • Surfaces modeled include

    • urban

    • crop

    • ocean

    • snow covered

    • bare ground

    • other natural ecosystems (forests, grasslands, etc.)

II. Experimental

  • CO2, H2O, other trace gases, energy budget, and/or turbulent exchanges within different ecosystems

    • Compost

    • 500-year old growth Wind River canopy

    • Riparian Forest

    • Dry seasonal deciduous tropical rain forest

    • Various crops including maize, sorghum, wheat, cottom

  • Measurement Methods

    • Fast response instruments measure turbulence, including sonic anemometers, infrared gas analyzers (IRGAs), and fine-wire temperature sensors

    • Surface renewal methodology development (Theory and Experimental)

    III. Theoretical analysis of turbulent mechanisms in and above plant communities

    • Turbulent dynamics and transport

    • Structure of turbulence (over heterogeneous and homogenous bare soil and plant canopies)

    • Observation and analysis of repeatable patterns in the turbulent wind field

      • characteristics motions/turbulent coherent structures appear to play an important role in the overall exchange process

      • large eddy simulation of turbulent flows in plant canopies stable, neutral, and unstable conditions

    Past and Current Study locations

    • Experimental site locations

      • US

        • Washington

        • Maine

        • California

          • Davis

          • Zamora

          • Chico

          • Winters

          • Fresno

      • Mexico

      • Italy

    • Regional Modeling locations

      • Western US

      • Eastern US

      • Europe

    • Site location modeling

      • Germany

      • Italy

      • Finland

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